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EPA moves to ban D-Con pesticides

Home Channel News is reporting that the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency is moving to ban the sale of 12 D-Con rodenticide products. The report says D-Con brand products are the only brand that did not comply with recent safety standards. Reckitt Benckiser, the manufacturer, has 30 days to request a hearing. Meanwhile their products will remain on store shelves.


What is a Door Buster anyway?

Door Busters is a new circular program we are trying out this year. Our plan is to incude 10-20 useful items with great prices. Many of our vendors allow us to pre-buy merchandise many months in advance and lock in very good pricing. We are using Door Busters flyers to pass these low prices along to our customers. These items are almost always the best deals in our stores.

We are going to try to run all our Door Busters pricing for the entire month, but it is hard to judge demand for merchandise when we buy so far in advance. For this reason we can not always guarantee being in stock for large quantities, but we will do our best. 

Door Busters will usually be released the first day of the month and will be online and in-store only (no mail distrubtion). So watch our web site and Facebook pages for updates.

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